becauseheswill: (Scary scary teenager.)

bourne you fucking asshole

why didnt you take ehr powers away after sh kdinapped those people are you mental

if you let her go after him again ill kill you and her and i will not be sorry

[Infirmary Spam]

For anyone who wants to come say hello or happens to be stuck in here too. )

[ooc: So, Will was brutally murdered by Rachel and is now high as a kite and miserable and death tolling in the infirmary. Thus this gloriously public post. :V]
becauseheswill: (Are you trying to get my attention?)
[Will sounds tired and strained with the return of all the crazy Barge stuff, and anyone who's seen him around recently would notice he is extremely jumpy and stressed out, as is Kirjava. The cat especially is pretty freaked out, and Will's been carrying her around instead of letting her walk with him like usual.]

I suppose having a decent port with no strings attached was too much to ask for.

[Private to the Admiral]

Assuming you still give a damn, whoever you are, David's powers need to be taken away.

[Private to David]

We need to talk.

[Private to Martha]

I think I'm going to need more of that sleep potion until whatever this is stops.

[Private to Tim]

Since when is Rachel Berenson on board?
becauseheswill: (Paying attention.)
[Warden Filter + David]

Two days ago, David was attacked in the CES by an adult male. He described him as a big guy, buzz-cut, who looked like he might have had a military background. He was found unconscious by Alan Wake and brought to the infirmary.

Either we have a new person on board, or someone's altering their appearance somehow. If anyone has further information, I'd appreciate you sharing it.

[ooc: Will is unaffected.]
becauseheswill: (Neutral.)
There are plenty worse places we could have turned up. I'm not sure why everyone seems so upset about it.

[Private to the Admiral]

Please change David's room to the one he's familiar with, from back home. His old bedroom.

[Private to David]

I've asked the Admiral to change your room back, and I'd like to have a discussion with you about a few things. Would you like to go up to the CES to talk about it?
becauseheswill: (No I'm not being evasive.)
That was... quite a nap.

[Private to Una]

Do you mind if I asked you a few more questions about your travels?

[Private to Caesares]

... Were you affected? [In mirrorverse, he means.]

[Private to Olive]

I know this is... belated, but I am sorry about how I acted during that. Event.

[Filtered to David since lol he doubts you have filters. :|]

How've you been?
becauseheswill: (The Bearer.)
[Private to the Admiral]

I need the Knife. Cancel out its ability to cut through worlds - it wouldn't work here anyway, since we're always moving - but I need the Knife.

[Private to Tim]

We need to talk about David.
becauseheswill: (Sad smile.)
There was a concept a friend of mine introduced me to about how humans can be represented by animals, based on certain aspects of their personality or character. Like, a secretive person might be some sort of phasmid - a stickbug - or an animal that looks like it's poisonous, but isn't. I almost wonder if those who were affected by the flood followed that pattern at all.

... Obviously it wasn't true for everyone who was affected, but it's an interesting concept to think about.

[Private to David]

How are you?
becauseheswill: (Did you say something?)
Obviously we've all been pulled in from different worlds. Or different points in time, I guess, for some of you, and I've been wondering, where is everyone else from? What's your world like? That sort of thing.

[Infirmary Filter]

My name's Will Parry, and I've volunteered to assist in the infirmary with the rest of you. So, who else is working here, exactly?
becauseheswill: (Are you trying to get my attention?)
I know that port happens maybe once a month, but how does the Admiral choose what worlds to stop over at for port? Considering the way people talk about him, I doubt there's some way to petition him to stop somewhere familiar.

... Has any port actually been someone's original home world? Or, somewhere they've been before?
becauseheswill: (And what if I don't forget?)
[The video feed switches on to show a dark haired teenager sitting at a desk in a room that looks like a fairly normal apartment. It's not quite messy or organized, with things arranged in a fashion that suggests he at least tries to keep the space straightened, and a large, dark furred tabby cat is sitting on the desk next to him, looking at the camera as well. He speaks with an English accent, and is missing the pinky and ring finger of his left hand.]

So that was a flood. I guess at leas that's out of the way. Any more surprises the Barge has in store no one's mentioned yet?

For those of you who've missed it because of the flood, I'm Will Parry. I'm a warden, I live in Oxford, and I got here a few days ago.
becauseheswill: (Glance.)
Alright. My name's Will Parry. I'm a new warden, here, and apparently I picked a bad time to sign on.

Would someone mind actually explaining what a flood is? What's it doing to everyone?

[ooc: WILL WILL BE GETTING A PROPER INTRO AFTER THE FLOOD. He's unaffected and just showed up.]
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